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So while checking one tiny little detail about Klezmer music, I got sucked into YouTube for three hours.

Did you guys know swing remixed as techno was a thing?  I didn't know this.  My life felt somehow incomplete up until this point.

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...I decided to do some googling, just for shits and giggles. 

How did they know?! )
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Even though 11 isn't my favorite, I kind of want this shirt.

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Well, a little on the inside, but that's nothing new.

I've been avoiding LJ for the most part (and shirking my responsibilities, as I owe auction fic going on what, 7 months? and one of them is almost done but my crippling fear of it not being good enough is preventing me from even doing my own edit, let alone seeking a beta or posting it), lurking in some other fandoms (glee [wtf?], Supernatural, other shows I've only found fic for over on the Pit), just being a general creep about not talking to people.

But I'm going to try to be a human being again for a little while, we'll see how it goes.
sunken_standard: (Default) I can send him my uterus stuffed with kittens and rainbows, like a haggis.
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So I'm into Glee.  I'm still a dirty lurker in the fic comms for my OTP, and I watch spoilers like nobody's business for mention of one character.
Cut for minor Sue spoiler. )
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So I've finally kicked the worst of the black plague I've had for the last week (now just my face hurts from sinus pressure, but at least I can breathe), and I haven't taken any kind of medicine (side note: I'm insanely sensitive to all kinds of chemicals, especially considering my body mass. Seriously, two drinks and I'm on the floor, and this is the tolerance level I've built up.  If I have a headache, I take one Advil, cut in half), so my head is clearer than it has been in at least a week.  And so my subconscious decides that now's a good time for horrific dream imagery.  I haven't even watched any horror movies.
Cut for rambling and some squicky shit (at least, I'm squicked). )

tl;dr: My arm feels like jelly, I'm nauseous, and I'm put off of pizza indefinitely.  Thanks for that, subconscious.  I know you were trying to help me work through whatever it is you think I need to work through, but you're still a dick. 
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So I'm the kind of (relatively spineless) person who tries to be nice and accommodating to everyone, all the time.  When someone thinks I'm an asshole, I apologize, because I don't like knowing that I've made someone's day unpleasant.  I don't air my dirty laundry because I'm the first to back down when shit gets real (yes, I'm a coward). 

After reading a comment on a friend's journal and a linked post somewhere else, I've been thinking about some things more and more.  Like how much I miss the fandom at large and how much fun I used to have, before I got completely turned off after a series of wank events (one of which was my mini-drama [over a tag], and it wasn't a big deal, but just one of those things you curl your lip and roll your eyes at).  

So long story short, I'm going to be posting fic again eventually, and I'm looking for alternative places to do it since I don't feel very comfortable where I usually do (see how I'm still avoiding name-dropping and keeping things vague?  I'm a total pussy).  I realize I probably won't get as many readers as I would in a consolidated community, but them's the breaks. 

So far I've joined (but not de-lurked):
[ profile] 221b_after_dark 
[ profile] glitterlock 
[ profile] hooperholmes
[ profile] sherlockhet *
[ profile] johnsherlock *
[ profile] 221bsherlock *
[ profile] bbcsherlock *
[ profile] thegamegoeson *
[ profile] moriarty_hooper 

* Just joined, but I lurked there when the BBC fandom was new, so I don't have a feel for them.

Have I missed any?

ETA: have added [ profile] bakerstreetfic  and [ profile] shock_blanket  to the list from the comments (thank you guys).
Also, [ profile] sherlockchagrin , which is by approval only (but they're not dicks about it).

(also, why are some names darker?  LJ, the intricacies of posting elude me)

WTF, self?

Mar. 9th, 2011 09:27 pm
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I so fail at spelling and usage.  I've been mixing up cannon and canon and no one's called me on it.  Sad thing is, I probably knew the correct usage at one time, but forgot it.  It's easy to forget things when IRL I usually just grunt and point.  I feel like I should retake 8th grade English.


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