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Kati Sark and Dushka Niki are at it again.  I love these guys. 

Read the translation here.
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So I wrote a new story just in time for Halloween and posted it on AO3.  Why not post it here, you ask?  Because a few minutes after I put it up on AO3, my monitor decided to take a shit and die.  Good times.

cut for the whining. )

But anyway, here's the link to the story on AO3:

The Haunting of Molly Hooper (R for graphic violence; Gen, 8.5k words)
Summary:  Things are happening to Molly Hooper that she can't explain.

I have to warn you, it's not that good or my usual kind of thing, but I've been mainlining those real-life paranormal shows and horror movies since the beginning of the month, so.  At least I finally finished something, hooray! 
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So [ profile] mazarin221b had an absolutely brilliant idea, posting a picture of Story Dice Cubes on her Tumblr (click link for the pic) for anyone to use as a kind of starting point.  I figured, 'why not?' and this happened.  It also the cleanest thing I've ever written, not even one swear word, and it's gen.  And kind of fluffy.  Ish.  Not beta'd or britpicked.

Golden Years (455 words, gen, rating: g) )
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Dushka Nikki and Kati Sark have translated another one of my fics, Along Came Molly, into Russian.  Can I just say how much I love these guys and appreciate all their hard work?  Thank you!  :D

Part 1 starts here.
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The lovely Dushka Niki has translated two of my fics, Red Right Hand and Still I Look to Find a Reason, into Russian on Kati Sark's blog.  Thank you both, and thank you to anyone who's read and commented on either piece!

The translations:

Red Right Hand

Still I Look to Find a Reason
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Back in September, Have You Heard About the Morstans? was translated into Russian by [ profile] casio_clock.  I promised to link to it from my journal and then I never ended up doing it (I have the tag 'I'm completely irresponsible' for a reason).  

So this is a public apology and a great big thank you to [ profile] casio_clock, and another thank you to everyone who's read and commented on the translation. 

If anyone would like to read the translation, you can find it here
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Yesterday's Scenes From a Multiverse:

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You guys.  Sherlock.   

Did anyone else feel like there were a few direct nods to fandom?  Like, not to canon, but very specific memes/ observations that we (as a community) have made over the past seventeen months.  Without spoiling anything, the one thing that immediately caught my attention was the milk.


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