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So I wrote a new story just in time for Halloween and posted it on AO3.  Why not post it here, you ask?  Because a few minutes after I put it up on AO3, my monitor decided to take a shit and die.  Good times.

So now I'm using my Mom's computer (her monitor won't work on mine, since I can't change the display settings without actually seeing them).  I'm going to try to fix the monitor myself using YouTube tutorials (I diagnosed the problem, at least, and I think I can replace a capacitor; we shall see), but that means I have to leave the house to go to Radioshack.  I'll have to leave the house anyway to go to the bank, no getting around it.  I haven't set foot off the property in over a month (being out in the yard doesn't count, I actually did go outside to stack wood). 

And to everyone I owe emails and comment responses and things -- I'll get to them eventually, I swear.  I've just been in a mood (and by 'mood' I mean the longest and blackest period of depression I've ever experienced, and that's saying something coming from me); it's really nothing personal.

But anyway, here's the link to the story on AO3:

The Haunting of Molly Hooper (R for graphic violence; Gen, 8.5k words)
Summary:  Things are happening to Molly Hooper that she can't explain.

I have to warn you, it's not that good or my usual kind of thing, but I've been mainlining those real-life paranormal shows and horror movies since the beginning of the month, so.  At least I finally finished something, hooray! 
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