May. 24th, 2012

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So I finally finished a fic.  It's Sherlock/ Molly, because apparently that's what I'm into now. 

(I haven't jumped ship on S/J, but I'm having a hard time reconciling interviews I've read and bits from series two with my old headcanon; I think the strap broke on my slash goggles.)

I'm looking for a beta (tenses, grammar, flow, punctuation, the whole nine, but whatever is fine) and a Britpick.  The ending needs work, I think, so even if someone wants to just read it and give suggestions on how I can shore up the weak spots, I'd be thrilled.

About the fic: 

It's post-Reichenbach, NC-17 (for graphic sexuality and themes, some language), romantic but not fluffy (well, maybe a little bit here and there, but very little) and about as angst-ridden and dark as I usually write, approx. 38k words (80 pages in Open Office), and the major warnings are for suicidal ideation, depiction of mental illness and past drug abuse, mentions of rape and death of a child (nothing explicit, although I'm fairly desensitized so I may not be a good judge). 

It's set in America, but I had reasons (Australia is really far away from the UK, and I can't see Molly being able to pick up another language easily, and Mycroft is in bed with the CIA, so.) 

This is the fic I took Badlands from; that scene happens about halfway through the story.

So, ah, yeah, that's all.  


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